Thursday, 21 August 2014

My machine's given up the ghost.

For the first time since I began messing about with computers about 27 yrs ago (my first being an Oric which didn't work) I'm finally glad my machine is as old and ancient as me.

     Even though I vowed to stop messing about with that Terragen software, I downloaded the freebie of Terragen 2 which is a lot more sophisticated and able to do all the stuff Terragen 1 wouldn't do - except on my machine.

     It wouldn't even give me a partial render because my PC is so feeble, and I'm glad. I foresaw a long future of creating nonsense and ignoring the three books I've finished but not yet edited; and that's not including another the three in varying stages of finished-ness.

     So now I can go back to Old Geezers 2. I just completed an edit the other day, excising almost one thousand redundant words, only to replace them with three thousand more.

    Hopefully the dozen or so further edits will allow it to take shape. Geezers 3 is more than half way through and Kongomato 3 is going nicely.

   But not tonight. Harley, my daughter's Bengal cat has gone adrift. Dropping mangled rats at our back door aside, I do like the little rascal. I hope nothing has happened to him.

48 hrs later

Still no sign of poor Harley. I suppose I'll just have to come to terms with it. Daughter's distraught; wife is distraught because daughter's distraught and I'm in the middle. Apparently it's all my fault for not locking said feline in a shoe cupboard.


  1. Terragen is fun, though. I used ot have it on my old desktop - which is now long gone, sadly. I need to work on my book too....

  2. It could have become majorly addictive but the book(s) must come first.

  3. Hi Roger, so sorry to read about Harley. Have you tried asking the neighbours to check their sheds etc.. We shut a neighbour's cat in our garage once, had no idea he was there until the neighbour knocked and asked us to check.

  4. I've asked everyone. He's a handsome lad, and because he's afraid of no one and will go to everyone, someone might have taken him. Hopefully he's just found a girlfriend and will come back in a week or so. Not that he can do much as he's been fixed. Even our old cat who loses no opportunity to fight with him has been morose since he disappeared.

    1. I've got all my fingers crossed Roger. It makes typing difficult - but it's worth it.

  5. You do good with Terragon. I surely hope he returns.