Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Do you now what really bugs me?

What really bugs me is the language that passes for English these days. I'm not talking about the text speke which passes for the spoken word amongst the teenagers, but of all things from the BBC. This is a service for which we are forced to pay even if we don't use it simply because we own a television;  a corporation whose, unelected and unaccountable,  management spends a fortune of our money on programmes about culture and the beauty of the English language when they can't even speak it themselves.
  Today I heard, in the same report, a man with a nearly incomprehensible regional accent say: "the myriad of". Not so bad you might think; you're just being picky. But then he went on to inform us that "we had to always." Call me being pedantic but after a leading news reporter has told us that "at the end of the day things will nearly always change" I can understand why thirty percent of our children leave school virtually illiterate. Still, they can always go and work for the BBC, innit?


  1. Gave me a chuckle. People don't care about language anymore and it is sad. The news media are becoming the worst.

  2. Or as I recently noticed in one of those newspapers crammed with naked women and football results but no actual news: meedia.

  3. lol. And so the new spelling begins.