Saturday, 10 September 2011


I've never taken drugs; at least of the illegal variety. So I've never known what cold turkey felt like. Well I have but then The Next Generation came along and my Star Trek fixation was once more under control. The French connection 2 scene was pretty good because Gene Hackman could make anything look realistic, but I've never really known what it was like. However, I've just been away working for nearly a week.
  For days I've not known what to do with myself. When my hands weren't spontaneously trying to strangle each other or jotting down scraps of gibberish onto tissues, toilet paper and petrol receipts, all of which I've naturally lost, I seemed to find myself staring blankly into space, thinking of the next chapter in my four novel series.
  Even when one of my work colleagues tapped me on the head and enquired as to whether I was actually alive it still took almost a mortal blow to attract my attention. But now I'm back. I'm 65,000 thousand words into the novel and I reckon another forty thousand should see it off. I've never been one for epic tomes. I'd rather just begin another.
  So I've oiled the computer, affixed a brand new keyboard (again) to my desk and tomorrow I'll begin. I just hope I don't get the dreaded block. I've even fed the cat and reminded her of the penalty should she ever again hurl chunks over my keyboard. Just got to get rid of the family now. Damned inconsiderate, my wife actually wanting me to speak to her more than once in twenty four hours. She said something to me after I returned and immediately grafted myself to the chair - and it wasn't very nice.


  1. Ya gotta love family. Women are funny that way, Roger. I have ridden miles and miles along a road with my husband and son, and they don't say a word. Of course, it doesn't stop me from talking.
    Congrats on 60,000 words so far.

  2. Luckily, I only have to nod in the correct places. I do listen it's just that I don't need every single detail in technicolour. A conversation between two men is better. 'How's it going?'
    'Fine.' and that will about do it for the day.

  3. But, Roger, the world would be so silent without women's ability to gab.

  4. But why does my wife always assume that I haven't grasped the fine nuances of her descriptions if she hasn't repeated it ad-nauseum.