Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Second book.

Finally, I've uploaded the first part of Three Hoodies 2 onto my admittedly pitiful web site.
   I know that pretty soon I'll have to bite the bullet and actually pay for proper web site software. But since I'm not (yet) trying to sell my books from my web site should I bother? Or more to the point am I just trying to find ways of not spending the money? As my wife will testify I don't exactly throw it away. My daughter does all that for me.
  Anyway I'll see what kind of reaction it gets and make a decision. I don't know who my regular visitor is from Moscow to my site but spasiba and come on back any time you like.


  1. Um, Roger, I thought this WAS your website. I will try to find your site and read this.

  2. No, my web site, such as it is is at: http://www.threehoodies.com