Sunday, 27 November 2011

Finding a beta reader.

If I asked people to take my poor ailing joints or bad breath, I'd probably get a warmer reaction than to my plaintive plea: will you read my book?

   All I want is for someone to read it through and tell me if it's (preferably) good, just okay, or even rubbish.

  I'm only asking people who ostensibly like to read. I'm not demanding an extended breakdown of the good and bad parts, but just to tell me if it's readable. I think I'm going to have to pay someone. I can almost understand my daughter refusing point blank. Perhaps she doesn't want to upset me although in reality it's probably because it's written in real English and not that gibberish she reads and writes all day on her Blackberry.

   I never though it would be this hard.

   Not to be put off I've already begun the final edit of book number two while trying not to think how hard it will be to get some sucker to read all three of them.


  1. I'll be glad to help at two chapters at a time. I'm in the midst of my own rewrites and edits at this time.

  2. That's very kind. I'll send the first two, but only when you have time. It's taken me years to get this far so there's no hurry.

  3. I'll be happy to read it too. Sorry, didn't know you were looking for readers.