Saturday, 26 November 2011

I've finally done it.

After a week of slogging I've finally finished the final edit of my first Three Hoodies novel. That makes about the twentieth but it's finally finished and I'm not entirely unhappy with it.

   After all these years It's really done. So I'm going to take a rest and tomorrow I'm going to begin the final edit of Three Hoodies Two. That will take me about ten days. Yet as the urge is still with me I'm going to finish the third novel which will be done in about 15000 words. Then I'll take a week off and re-edit that. I've been messing around for so long with this work that I'm determined to see it off.

  Then I'll begin the process of publishing the first one.

  I haven't heard from the agent yet but even if I do and they aren't interested I promised myself that I would try two before self-pubbing.

  Can't believe it - after all these years, it's finally done.

  I've just noticed a very lazy repetition of the word finally in this entry but I don't care. I've finally finished.


  1. Such great news! Congratulations to a fine writer. Good luck.

  2. Thanks. Going to begin the last re-write on book no 2 tonight.