Monday, 7 November 2011

It's finally catching up with me.

Just to break the block I managed a marathon eighteen pages the other night and so to celebrate I painted this. I don't know what a psychoanalyst would say but I'm pretty sure he'd be calling the men with the heavy jacket and padded accommodation by now.
  Still, they have to catch me first and I've only got about another fifteen thousand words to go before it's finally finished. Except that I've just had a great idea for book four in the series. Will it ever end?
  Maybe I'll give them my address.


  1. Your imagination will never end and neither will mine. So there...bleh on them.

  2. My daughter only likes things that are pink and fluffy, but even my imagination doesn't stretch that far.

  3. Another fabulous drawing. I love the whole image of it. To me, it is saying - explore space and planets while staying safe inside. Would that we could do such a venture.
    Congrats on more writing. You are moving along and I think I'm jealous.
    By the way, pink and fluffy are my favs.