Saturday, 10 December 2011

I had my monthly brainwave

I had an idea. I get one at least once a month without fail. Sometimes without even thinking about it. And yes, I know I should really finish book three first but I just couldn't wait. Not content with upsetting the ruler of the universe in book three I was having problems deciding who to rile this time. And that's when I came up with the idea.

   The problem is, with all these ideas will I ever finally get round to publishing the books? I considered this for almost a minute before realising that I didn't really care. Am I breaking some unwritten rule about writers actually putting their stuff out for others to read? I will eventually - maybe. It's just that I'm having so much fun and even if the rest of the world considers my writing to be just so much dross at least I can say that I've spent twenty years having fun, and being paid for it.

  I didn't enjoy it the other night; sitting in a darkened mews for three hours in the middle of the night. The policemen that passed my car for the third time eventually told me where to go and exactly how to get there. I can't really blame them. Who would sit in a freezing car in Mayfair in the middle of the night unless they were up to something  untoward. I was, as it happened but only in a literary sense. It's just that I had to flesh out the idea  so that I didn't forget it. After all, who knows when the next unbidden thought might occur to me.

   It was as I was putting the finishing touches to my newest painting that the idea hit me. That's not what's going to happen. It's just that the idea of wholesale destruction always gets my creative juices flowing.


  1. I say go with the flow. Never let those creative juices stop up. You do come up with great book ideas.

  2. The idea hath evolved. I think it's beginning to take over.