Sunday, 15 January 2012

I just spent seventeen hours in a cemetary.

If it's going to be as dull and boring as that for all eternity then I'm having none of it. I'm going to stay alive.

  I did manage to get another short story written for my upcoming compilation.  Funnily enough it was about death. Can't think what possessed me.



  1. Boy, that was a long funeral. but what a quiet place to read in.

  2. Was a foreign funeral? Because Hindi weddings lat like seven days or is it 3 weeks? Somehting like that.

  3. I'm not quite sure. Some variant of Islam. It was about minus five and the car heater didn't work and I forgot to bring food and and there weren't any toilets, which was probably a good thing. Oh, and my phone died and the cigar lighter in the car didn't work so I couldn't charge it. And, and.
    It wasn't a nice day. And don't get me started on vintage Rolls Royce's