Sunday, 11 March 2012

After all that trouble.

I just spent the whole night converting my novel for CreateSpace. I finally got it right and it actually looked pretty good.

   Sorted! I thought. Right until the time came to inserting banking and tax details.

   We're only five thousand miles away. We, being Engand. There's no way I can provide those sort of details. So, I thought, call them up. Right, nobody works on a Sunday. I cannot believe that I'm the only person who's ever tried to create a novel on CreateSpace whilst committing the cardinal sin of living in England. I'll do some more research tonight. I will not be thwarted.


  1. I am no expert, but I have a friend who is in the UK and has pubbed on CS - let me drop him a line and see if I can find out what he did :)

  2. From different forums I see that I might be able to circumvent most of the problems if I simply accept a $US cheque through the post.
    However I'd be most grateful if he could clarify matters.

  3. Why is it, whatever we writers try to do, there is always a bump in the road? This is the 21st century. Why is this a tough thing for countries to get along with money? I push for world money - at least for banking purposes.

  4. I thought we had it. Apparently America and England have an "agreement" as far as tax is concerned. However my accountant says that even if I do pay thirty percent to Amazon, or fifty to smashwords, HM Customs and Revenue are still going to be there, salivating at how much they can get off me from the miserable few pence that might remain..