Thursday, 15 March 2012

CreateSpace saga continues.

Okay. I've uploaded the final copy of Three Hoodies to CreateSpace. So now I have to wait.

   What they haven't said is, that when they send me the proof, if I decide that my artwork is really too crappy, whether I'll be able to change it for one of their boring stock covers. I suppose I will if I'm prepared to pay for it again. The problem is that my artwork doesn't look so bad, provided I don't examine it too closely. And what will people think if the cover is amateurish? They'll probably assume the rest of the novel is the same. I'll just have to decide when the proof comes back.

   I've seen some pretty bad covers on sale. That doesn't make me feel any better since I have no idea if they've sold well. The obvious answer is to pay someone to do it for me. Well I can't. My daughter is now seventeen and demands a car as if it's a birthright. Perhaps it is. Getting the car is less of a problem. Insuring it is the tough part. It's probably going to cost me several million. I don't know about the rest of the world but in England everyone is officially a juvenile maniac until the day of their twenty third birthday. Perhaps that's the truth, but it doesn't do my wallet any good.

  I should find out from CreateSpace tomorrow. As soon as it comes back I'll decide when to make my Kindle version free.

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  1. I hope the CreateSpace works out for you. I'm thinking it's not that your artwork isn't good, they're manipulating so you'll pick theirs. That gives them klout with their members.
    Yes, American insurance is the same. It's a fortune until 21 or 23, and teenagers - some work a good job and pay for their own, others can't afford it. But we found it's the wear and tear on the vehicle that costs. At that age, they haven't learned the consequences of roughing up their vehicles.