Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Luck or plagiarism?

My daughter saw a girl on the bus today. She was reading something, and being naturally inquisitive, my daughter naturally looked over. To see a print-out of my novel. There can be very few novels with characters of the same names as mine. I wonder where she got it. I'm pretty certain that you can't print from a Kindle. So I must conclude that she, or someone else downloaded it onto Kindle for PC. Can you print from PC Kindle?

   If that is impossible, then I have no idea. I haven't sold a book for three days. I've told my daughter that if she sees the girl again she's to grab her and nail her to the seat until she she spills the bins.

  Well nothing as radical as that. But I've asked her to ask the other girl. However, if she got it through some file sharing gig, she'd hardly about to admit it, would she?

   I've only sold twenty copies and someone's already boosting my stuff!


  1. told you you were good. And doesn't it figure? It had to be a pirate copy.

  2. I'll pirate them if I find out who - or how.

  3. I don't want to say for sure but I know you can plug your kindle into your computer and copy files back and forth - I often download to my pc then copy to my kindle and I imagine files can go both ways. Once on your pc you can open it with several ereader programs and I would think it would be possible to print from there. I have not tried it though.

  4. I think you would be surprised to find out how inventive people are. If you can download it as Joleene says then you can certainly print it. I know it is frustrating but you can also take it as a compliment that someone was interested in your book enough to go to so much trouble - and maybe recommended it to the girl who was reading it.

  5. That's what someone else said to me. The only thing is, the girl, according to my daughter, wasn't laughing. My book's supposed to be funny.