Friday, 23 March 2012

Where's my proof book?

I know that London's a few miles from America but I heard they've invented flying machines now. Are they sending my proof book by carrier pigeon?

  At this rate I'll just forget the final improvement to my cover and just approve it, anyway. I want to get my paperback on sale this year.


  1. I hate waiting for anything, especially something as important as this. I hope it will arrive today! Barbara

  2. Too late for today. In our area postmen don't even bother with the tedious business of putting parcels through doors, contenting themselves with a card saying I wasn't in and would I mind hiking ten miles to the sorting office to pick it up.

  3. Perhaps it's coming by steam boat? I hope you get them soon. Are you sure your mailman isn't the same one as ours? That's what ours does - stick a note on the door and runs.