Thursday, 29 March 2012

Three Hoodies giveaway

Just because I'm that kind of bloke, I've decided to give away Three Hoodies Save The world, for two days beginning 12.00 Pacific Standard Time (whatever that means) from the 5th April until midnight on the 7th.

   I hope lots of people take advantage because I wonder if it's only my wife who thinks I'm strange.

   You can find it here, in the US:

   and here in the UK :


  1. What a great offer. I hope you have a lot of takers on this as it's such a fun book.

  2. I'd really like to read your book Roger (and more to the point I'd like my 14 year old to read it as well) but unfortunately I don't have a kindle and am unlikely to get one soon. If I did I'd jump at your offer. You are starting it on a very auspicious day (my birthday!) so I'm sure you will have a good response!

    1. Well, as it happens, the paperback edition will be out in about three weeks - or three months - or three years, depending on whether CreateSpace ever gets its collective act together.
      Tell your daughter that there's a girl in it who doesn't take any messing about from the boys.