Saturday, 31 March 2012

My daughter's first car

We're just going out to buy my wife's daughter's first car.

   She's actually my daughter, too but it always irritates my beloved when I say that.

   I was only changing nappies and cleaning up projectile vomit a few days ago and now I'm paying for her first car. If anything could be guaranteed to make me feel old then this is it.

   And the insurance! £5000 thousand pounds to insure a small car for a year. I could insure Afghanistan against more fighting for less than that. And we're not talking Lamborghini either. Its a VW Polo. I've got more horsepower in my lawnmower.

   If the old ticker can take the pace, and the first driving lesson doesn't do for me it will be a miracle. London must be the worst place in the world to drive. Paris or Rome, or Milan are havens of peace in comparison. and I know because I've driven in all three.

  Oh for the good old days of toxic nappies. Next she'll be demanding pocket money.


  1. It's a good thing you've only got one. I've got five and its been a real trip weaning them off the payroll.

  2. Five cars? You must have lost all your hair by now.

  3. She'll love that car. How fun. What a nice dad you are.

  4. She broke it last night. I should be happy it took almost five hours.

  5. oh boy! Time does fly, doesnt it? Mine are in first grade and kindergarten and I still can't believe how fast they grow. One day I'll be in your shoes with a driving daughter and I just hope she'll be better than me.
    European insurance is astronomical!

  6. I've found a cheaper way of insuring the little darling's car. Have a black box installed. It's like having a policeman permanently in the car and it more than halves the premium. Maybe I should ask for two black boxes and then they'll owe me money.

  7. Aww, that’ sweet. You’re daughter will surely be delighted. If you are having difficulty finding cheap cars, you can look into car auctions or through some car dealerships. You are likely to find affordable and well-maintained cars there. Dealerships also take care of the repairs and restorations. Just find a reputable car dealership near your place, and you can choose from an array of vehicles for your daughter.

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  8. You’re such a sweet father! Is she your only child? Well, she’s lucky to have parents like you! Just remind her all to be extra careful when driving. She’ll definitely ask for additional money for gas allowance, so be ready for that!

    -Junior Perrera

  9. LOL @ the extra money your daughter will ask for. Well, that's the essence of parenthood: you need to finance everything. Hehe. How good is she with her driving now? The Volkswagen Polo is a great car, and your daughter will definitely love driving it around since it does handle pretty well. It’s very light on the feet, and it corners nicely. Congrats on her new car and your new extra expenses! :D

    Carry Bacot

  10. Your daughter is lucky to have you as a father! Buying her a car is a big step for you as a parent, and I can relate to that. However, I made sure that my son was already responsible enough to drive around his car, when I first gave him one, and that he had a job to pay for his needs – which includes gas and maintenance. How’s your daughter doing so far?

    Nicole Vickers