Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spoke to CreateSpace

After almost running out of appendages to nibble I finally emailed CreatSpace pleading for information about when my proof book would arrive.

   I received an answer tonight. Yes, it is night here, as I write this. And that might be the problem. It's going to arrive on the first of May.

   They said they'd sent it by standard shipping. So that's going to be six weeks - yes that's right six weeks delivery time. I hope it's only the proof that takes as long. If everybody who buys a book from CreateSpace has to wait six weeks my sales are going to be nil.

   Have they never heard of air mail?

   Forrest Gump ran across America in less time than that.

   I'd be interested to know how long they take to arrive with US internal post.

   There has to be a better way.


  1. Ugh. Even Amazon will ship quicker. Six weeks - it's got to be a barge circling the Cape of Africa as we speak.

  2. 6 weeks sounds like a long time! Hopefully it is just the proof that will take so long. I must say- you had me laughing when you mentioned Forest Gump running across the US in less time. :) Hope it gets there sooner than expected!


  3. Well, if I use the cheapest shipping (which I always do) they SAY up to four weeks, however a week and a half usually does it. Wow. Six weeks is crazy!

  4. Yeah, if I use the cheapest shipping in the States I get it in about a week and a half.

    Lisa Olsen