Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another free giveaway.

I know that I'm doing myself little favour by writing four novels, all in different genres. However they're written now and the experiment worked. I like writing my version of humour and SF. Thus I'll stick to it.

   And as both Three Hoodies and Old Geezers are similar in terms of genre, I've decided to give Geezers away for a day; this Saturday, the 21st April.

   I'm taking a risk but as both are the first of four I'm hoping that I might build up a few readers who'll be prepared to pay a little more for the second - both of which are ready to roll.

   One last thing. I don't believe that every person who downloaded Hoodies, hated it, yet not so much as a single review has appeared. If anyone did download it I'd be very happy if someone could let me know what they thought. I've still got time to change it before the paperback finally creaks off CreateSpace's shelves.


  1. I downloaded it though have not had time to read it yet, but when I do I will certainly leave a review! :D

    I think so long as you market yourself as a cross genre author from the get go you may be all right.

    1. The short stories and the horror novels were one off's. I'm sticking to SF. Its what I really like.

  2. I've not downloaded it (nothing to read it with) but am really looking forward to getting a copy of the paperback version.

  3. If I'm to believe CreateSpace, the paperback of old geezers and three hoodies will be available in two weeks. I'll believe it when I see it.