Monday, 2 April 2012

New name for Old Geezers

I think I should change the name of my old geezers novel.

   I tried to find a name that people everywhere would recognize. The only thing is that we really don't say geezers that much in the UK. I could call it the Old Codgers, but then people in the US wouldn't really know what it meant. And after looking on Amazon there are about ten books beginning with or featuring the word geezers.

   The problem is that three malignant old men running riot through time, causing all sorts of havoc with realising it until it's too late, narrows the field slightly.

   I really wanted three Old Gits. But again, hardly anyone outside England would know what it meant. I suppose I'll just keep looking. I've got nearly a week before I put it up.

   Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, then naturally claimed as my own invention..


  1. Old timers? Menopausal men? Old fogy’s?
    Perhaps I should stop now!

  2. I like the title "Old Geezers", and even though I'm from the States, I knew what 'git' meant. That would also be a great word to use, but you are right...most would not know. Good luck with your choice of words. Maybe I can ask my son what they use these days in the slang language; might get a new idea for you. Good luck with your novel!

    1. Anything you could up with would be great. I was thinking about Three Old Sods, but again does that mean anything outside England?

  3. I know what all of those mean, but maybe some people don't. Hmmm. What about old goats? Nah. Fogey has been suggested.... Curmudgeons? Grumpy Old Men is a good title but it's been taken ;)

    I do think you'd have more luck with git than sod, thanks in part to Harry Potter.

    I know, totally useless ;)

  4. I did so like 'Old Geezers'. For some reason I know what both codgers and gits are. Cranky Curmudgeons? Senior Moments? Fuddy-duddy Doers? Trouble Knows no Age? Hmm. No, I guess I still like geezers.