Saturday, 21 April 2012

Solid objects

More driving lessons. I've just ground my fingernails down. Well, actually I left most of them in my daughter's car. When the man who wouldn't move met with the girl who couldn't stop I found a register in my voice I wasn't even aware existed. Eventually I was able to croak, "now put the handbrake on then take it out of gear." You Americans are so lucky with the automatic gearboxes. Here, it's an optional extra.

   They say that every cigarette takes five minutes off your life. I think I've got about twenty minutes to live. somehow I'll have to find the money for driving lessons. My health was never strong in the first place. I reckon my daughter will see me off within another week at this rate.

   Old Geezers is going a little better than earlier. It's free today and I'm hoping to build up some people who might like to pay more then 99 cents for the next.

   Time will tell.


  1. Cool. I'll download it. And you know they also say that climbing a flight of stairs adds seven seconds to your life... so maybe you can balance yours out by climbing stairs while you smoke. Mm, that sounds appealing, doesn't it? ;)

  2. Sounds like heart attack territory. Hope you enjoy the book.

  3. Take heart - at least you have the option of choosing to pay for driving lessons (or not). Here in Ireland they are now COMPULSORY - I think you have to take 12 (at tremendous expense) before you can book a driving test. Sounds like it might be a good investment in your case - although your experience does make for entertaining reading!

  4. If it gets any worse I might voluntarily sell my classic motorbike for someone else to take the stress. I can't ride it anyway. My hands are shaking too much these days.

  5. Glad to hear Old Geezers is doing better :)

    As for the driving - yikes! It sounds like time to hide in a closet somewhere and let a professional have at it ;)

    and by the way - - consider yourself a recipient :D