Sunday, 22 April 2012

I gave away 161 books

Is that a large number for a giveaway. I don't know. Hopefully it means that at least some will have liked enough to recommend it when the paperback arrives; which I'm assured by CreateSpace will be in this decade.

   So it's back to the horror now. I'm determined to publish it as I spent a year writing it. The swearing and blood and guts were quite invigorating but it's not really me.

  After that I'm going to finish Hoodies 2 and Geezers 2. It would be a pity if nobody liked them since it's the only thing I really enjoy writing.

  So look out for Kongamato. Arriving soon on Kindle and followed, one day, by the paperback version. I'm going to beef up the monsters; they look like something you'd find in a cereal box at the moment. Unfortunately I might have to design a new cover entirely, this bears an uncanny but accidental resemblance to the cover of Geezers 1.

   I tried very hard to get along with the new blog interface. Call me a Luddite but I preferred the original and I'm sticking to it.


  1. congratulations! I'd be thrilled if I gave out that many books.
    From what I saw of your horror book, it's going to be a great story.

  2. Adding more blood and guts as we speak.