Monday, 23 April 2012

Three Hoodies finally in paperback

Finally, Three Hoodies is ready.

   I've approved the final proof of Three Hoodies and it's now available through CreateSpace.

  I'm not overly impressed with the cover but hopefully the contents will make up for it. And for my next cover I'll actually paint it at 6" * 9" and that should prevent it being stretched and looking rubbish.

   You can buy it here, it you're so inclined.

   It will be a week or so before Amazon get round to selling it. But that's fine because their royalty differential is massive and I'll make more money if people buy it from CreateSpace. I still don't know if you can buy it through CreateSpace with an Amazon account. I suppose not, because that would be too easy even though Amazon owns CreateSpace..


  1. Well Done Roger!! I bet it felt good to hold your own book in your hands.

  2. It did, finally. Now I just have to convince people to buy it.

  3. That's brilliant - you finally made it! I'll be buying a copy in the next couple of days - do you have any involvement in the dispatch process - Can you sign a copy for me when I do? (just in case you become mega famous and I can say I have a very first edition!!)

  4. Congratulations Roger! I just checked Amazon and it’s not available (in paperback) yet, but I will get a copy when it is. I assume if I order via Createspace it will be shipped from the US? I second Sharon’s request for a signed copy and her reason for it!!