Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twenty years.

Entire countries have risen and fallen in twenty years.

   Me, I've written a novel. Actually I've written lots of novels. Ten finished and three begun. But It's taken me all that time to complete one particular novel. Now it's going on sale on Kindle at the weekend.

   Like Three Hoodies, it's the first in a series of at least four, and like Three Hoodies, I'll be charging just $0.99.

   I don't make much in the way of royalties, in fact none so far, but like Hoodies, it will hopefully get me some readers who will be prepared to pay a little more for the next, which is already completed -  as is the third. I don't know why the first took so long. Probably because I began by just writing and waiting to see what happened next. There's something to be said for having even the vaguest of plots in mind.

   So on Saturday, finally, Old Geezers, the Gateway will go on sale. And if the paperback version of Hoodies goes on sale before my teenage daughter provides me with grandchildren, I'll put it on CreateSpace also.

   Saturday, finally.


  1. Congratulations on this. Wow, so many books out now. That's great.

  2. Hope it does well! You have me very intrigued to read your books - roll on the paper back versions for technophobes like me.

  3. Apparently the final paperback of three Hoodies will be ready in 18 days. Yeah, I'll believe that when it happens.

  4. Miracles do happen - let me know if it is ready then.

  5. I think I just saw a pig fly past my study.