Thursday, 3 May 2012

I got my Old Geezers proof today.

This was about twenty hours after I had changed it again.

   The only problem was that the preface pages had numbers on them which made it look really amateurish whch was why I changed it in the first place. I almost wish I hadn't bothered.

   Now that I've uploaded it again for the fourth time, this time with single line spaces, the page number has dropped to from 560 to 340 which means that I don't have to charge approx 1 million dollars US for each one just to make $1 actual profit. I don't want to charge more than $9.99 because I want to entice readers to read the next which will cost just a little more. But I'm running ahead of myself. First I have to find someone who likes Old Geezers 1


  1. Glad you got this all straightened out. I have to draw the line at $999,999.

  2. Alright, it's yours for $500,000. A bargain.