Friday, 4 May 2012

Total carnage.

I let my little princess go for a weekend with her boyfriend and their family. She's not a child anymore and I know it's time to begin letting her out. The only thing is, it's going to take the bank holiday weekend to clean up her mess.

   I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if someone had detonated a nuclear bomb in the house but nevertheless that's what must have happened in her bedroom. And the bathroom! I'm almost certain there wasn't a decomposing creature lying in the bath the last time I used it. Eventually I'll pluck up the courage to check and clear it up. I've have enough shots to protect me from almost all known diseases so I'm hoping I'll survive.

   At least it gives me nearly four days of writing since I'm also on holiday. Not that I wanted it. I'm self employed so it means I'm losing four days wages. Still, four whole days without the whirling dervish and her suicidal friends. It will be like before she was born when we only had to clean the house every day instead of every twenty minutes.


  1. lol... good luck in there. Break out the gas mask and leaf blower and say a quick prayer. ;)

  2. Said it, done it and relaxing for a couple of days.

  3. I have similar here, and it's tough to dig in, but someone has to. Hey, now relaxing isn't such a bad thing.