Friday, 25 May 2012

It's done, it's finished, it's over.

Finally finished the novel. It began life as a shorty story which is included in my 'Little Twist' collection of stories. Then I began to wonder if I could extend it. A friend of mine said that the three idiots of the first two chapters should survive and that I should write an entire novel featuring them alone. I just might.

   So  now I've had a whole night off. I just don't know what to do. The second Three Hoodies novel just needs to be polished. The second of the Old Geezers is in the same state. I've finished both Hoodies and Geezers three. 

  It's just a pity that no one bothered to tell me what they thought of the first versions because then I'd know whether I was wasting my time with either, or both. 

But then I've just had a great idea for another horror novel. I may just play with it for a while.Here's the picture that came into my mind.

But then thinking about those invertebrates with attitude from a couple of days ago, something else just occurred to my rather feverish brain.


  1. Congrats! Take time to enjoy this moment.

  2. I did - for almost a minute. Time to start again. My old fingers get stiff if they're not typing.

  3. ha ha! the next tome someone asks me who I want to ghost write for me, the answer will be you - yeesh! I wish I could write this fast! :D You go!

  4. Way to go. You've done some pretty hard work.