Thursday, 10 May 2012

The search for an alien species.

The species to which I'm referring are beta readers.

   I don't know how many times someone has said to me "Yeah, when it's ready I'll read it."

   Now that it is ready, these people are nowhere to be found.

   I can only go through it so many times. I've almost memorised the words of my latest horror novel but I'm pretty sure (as Donna Yates clearly illustrated when she kindly proofed Three Hoodies for me) that I keep on missing my typos and punctuational errors. Even if I have to pay, I'll do it - begrudgingly.

   But I'll go with threats for now and resort to bribery only if I have to.


  1. I'll trade you your soon-to-have porsche to beta read. Seriously, if you want, I'll help.

  2. There is supposed to be a place where these people hang out... like or something? I don't know, I fell into all of mine accidentally (thank god) If I was not in the middle of a book release right now I would give it a go but I would be so sloooooow you;d want to beat me with something blunt :p

  3. Perhaps a ride in my Porsche - if you're good.

  4. Ok, I'll do it for a ride, say, over and around the Alps. Woo-hooooooooo.