Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Am I mad, bad or bonkers?

Out of the 10000005 books on Amazon, I simply cannot find one that I want to read.

   I've read Lots. Having exhausted all of my usual authors I branched out a bit. So espionage, thrillers, SF and murder are all sitting on my Kindle, waiting to be read again when I get bored. I don't do love stories, I can't stand zombies and I've seen more vampires than I can shake a stake at.

   I read an oddly entertaining book proclaiming that God hates us. Even an amusing one about how to teach quantum physics to your dog. I know there's a fairly decent book about some teenagers saving the world, and another about some old gits destroying it,  but I've read those already. Now I just can't find anything.

   I did almost buy a new book today until I saw the price. £34.99. That pounds, not dollars. And this is for Kindle. I wouldn't pay that much for a car.

   The problem is: I just can't find anything I want to read. Is it just me? I'm open to any new genres - except girly love stories, but search as I may, nothing catches my eye. Maybe I'll take a look at Goodreads. I've seen some good books on the blogs I visit but I don't want to buy a paperback from Amazon. It takes about two weeks to get here and by that time I've forgotten what I ordered.

   Is the problem that there are just too many? By the time I've decided that I don't want one, my Kindle creaks and groans for about thirty seconds until it allows me to search for another. Perhaps the answer is to look on my PC and download it from there.

   Or perhaps I should just get on and do some work for a change.


  1. Sounds like too many choices! I've had to stop getting books because I'm so far behind. hey, I bet you haven't read the HP series yet...

  2. Harry B****y Potter. I'd rather gnaw off my own arm.

  3. Somehow, I thought you'd say that.

  4. I've been wanting to read 'Game of Thrones' since watching the TV series. The only thing that puts me off if going back over the ground already covered but I'm curious to see what the show was based on.

    I don't know if it available for kindle download (you can buy it in print from Amazon) but as I've mentioned to Donna before the book that made the greatest impact on me when I read it was 'Doomsday Book' by Connie Willis. This is the blurb on Amazon:
    'For Kivrin, preparing an on-site study of one of the deadliest eras in humanity's history was as simple as receiving inoculations against the diseases of the fourteenth century and inventing an alibi for a woman traveling alone. For her instructors in the twenty-first century, it meant painstaking calculations and careful monitoring of the rendezvous location where Kivrin would be received.

    But a crisis strangely linking past and future strands Kivrin in a bygone age as her fellows try desperately to rescue her. In a time of superstition and fear, Kivrin -- barely of age herself -- finds she has become an unlikely angel of hope during one of history's darkest hours.

    Five years in the writing by one of science fiction's most honored authors, Doomsday Book is a storytelling triumph. Connie Willis draws upon her understanding of the universalities of human nature to explore the ageless issues of evil, suffering and the indomitable will of the human spirit.'

    I'm assuming you have already read 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time'? I enjoyed it and I'm guessing its the type of book that would appeal to you too.

    1. I haven't read either of the books you mention but I've had a look at a few sample pages of both from Amazon. Finally I might have found something to read - thank you.
      The curious ... seems a particularly inviting book. I had a childhood friend with, what was eventually diagnosed as, autism. This was nearly fifty years ago. For months my friends and I had seen this boy staring wistfully from his bedroom window, all day every day. Eventually we plucked up the courage to ask his mum if he could come out and play. Much to our surprise, and hers, she said yes.
      We just thought he was a bit strange because he would laugh at the wrong places and become angry at the wrong times. it wasn't a problem for us since all boys are a little strange.
      We played for months until without warning his mum took him away. I often wonder whatever became of him.

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