Monday, 4 June 2012

Another chapter from hoodies Two

Here's another, very short chapter from the second outing of my young heroes. 

   Since I've already spoken of Hoodies 3 &4 there'd be little point in pretending that it's the final chapter, but it does show the little ups and downs which plague their lives in space.

Chapter Sixteen

 David screamed louder than he’d ever screamed in his life, and that was very loud indeed, but nowhere near as loud as the smug voice in their ears.
  There was no time to do anything, certainly none for terror. The words, or numbers in this case, now counted down in a cheery, strangely young sounding voice. Not at all grown-up like the ones you hear when a giant rocket had just taken off from Cape Kennedy. Or when some automated phone voice called you up and informed you that you’d just won America and all you had to do was wait on the phone for three years at premium rate. In short, something good.  Except that it didn’t sound like anything good was about to happen this time.
  It was currently at four. None of them could think, certainly not enough to talk. David simply stared at nothing in particular, his mind simultaneously a blur and a void. Sad-case couldn’t even think about voids or blurs, his mind now engulfed in a terror so extreme that it prevented any rational thought at all. Derrick’s mind had retreated deep into itself and was too far gone for any emotion and couldn’t even think about thinking. Not even fighting the urge to be sick again. They were all frozen, like rabbits mesmerised by a car’s headlights.
  ‘Two.’ the voice announced. They cringed in unison, shoulders hunched, waiting for the brief burst of light that really would kill them this time.
  The light became even brighter, greener, perhaps tensing itself for the finale,  bathing them in its sickly effulgence, reaching into their heads, caressing them, roiling.
  This was it. Now even breathing stopped. There was no need; they were going to die, right now.


  1. Oh, this is good! Just enough to let me know I'm going to love this book too!

  2. Oh good. They're just about to meet the most...

  3. Thank you. It should be finished in a few weeks.