Saturday, 16 June 2012

Even the RAF is out to get me.

Before I start ranting. Did anyone else notice during the Trooping of the Colours in London today, that when Camilla, aka Prince Charles' main squeeze, went past, the band played the National Anthem by mistake? What a gaff of monumental proportions. If the Queen hasn't strangled the poor sod, I'll bet the Drum Major is now a Drum corporal, who's new job is mopping toilets in the Black Tower.

   Anyway, back to the rant. After weeks of driving through the battlefield that is London, almost everything was over, and I could have a rest before the nightmare Olympics bugger it all up again. But no! Today I spent three 3 hours driving round the block at Heathrow airport because the aerial flypast had buggered up the landing schedule. I went round so many times I'm pretty sure I saw the back of my car turning the corner in front of me at one point. 

   Verily, doth this city truly sucketh.


  1. Sounds like it's time for a vacation to another place for awhile.

  2. Now that's why even though I have a 3 hour commute to and from work every day its worth every minute when I get back to the mountains and the fairy forest! (Its even magic when its raining.) Sounds like you need a country retreat.

  3. I'd like to retreat - about a thousand miles.
    A six hour commute. You must really love your job.