Sunday, 10 June 2012

Three Hoodies 2 is near.

I've almost finished the final re-write of Three Hoodies 2, Or Three Hoodies Back In Action as I'm probably going to call it. And so that people remember who I am (if they ever knew) I'll be making Three Hoodies 1 free next Saturday to drum up some sales. I think the second is far better, which is how it should be. 
   The cover isn't finished yet, clearly, but I'm working on it.

   Three Hoodies 3 is very close but I'll leave off publishing that for a while, which will leave me time to complete Hoodies 4, and also work on the amusingly bizarre idea I had the other day for Hoodies 5.


  1. Hey, come them coming! I sure enjoy them.

  2. I could write them forever now that I've decided they will only age at one tenth of real time. Like James Bond who never gets any older.