Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hoodies 2

Is it ridiculous to be worrying more about the cover than the content?

   I've nearly finished Three Hoodies 2. Or at least the final edit I'm going to make. If I didn't physically restrain myself I'd be editing until the end of time.

   I just can't decide upon the cover. If I made it bland then I could do a wonderful job. But I want it to be bright and hopefully people will forgive the fact that I'm a self taught artist who isn't very good. I'm not looking for compliments. I will be above average one day if I try hard enough; but I'll never be good. I'll happily settle for good-ish. And if I sell a few more copies then I'll just as happily accept the services of someone who will charge money. After all, I keep telling myself, it's the writing that counts.

   Here's mark 111 version of the cover. The hard part is not boosting pictures off the net and passing them off as my own. Its mine or nothing.


  1. I like all the color. I think it will attract more readers.

  2. Thanks. That's what I hope, too.