Monday, 2 July 2012


After 24 hrs of my wife nagging, my daughter dying her hair ginger by mistake, and the bath leaking right through the ceiling, I've finally published my new novel, Kongomato on Kindle and CreateSpace.

   To say it's been hectic would be an understatement.

   The problem with CreateSpace is that it wouldn't accept the book in the original formatted size. Thus it's now smaller, which is to say larger, in page numbers, with the result that I've had to price it higher than I would have liked even to get anything out of it at all.  I obviously couldn't let it go for nothing. Well I could have but that would have defeated the point.

   Anyway it's out. Now I can get on with Hoodies Two - finally.

Blogspot is still giving me problems but I'll deal with it, unless something else happens, like a satellite in a decaying orbit lands right on my head.

You never can tell in London.


  1. congratulations! I will do a review on my blog in a couple of days. I bet it feels good to have it published.

    1. It does, finally. I'd appreciate that.

  2. I will spread the word via Twitter and Facebook for you, Roger.

    Have a great day!