Sunday, 15 July 2012

I've been painting, but I'm better now.

It's still raining. The sound of water coursing down my windows and gently lapping at the second story windowsill is just a gentle chorus to my fingers, busily typing away.

  I've re-begun three Hoodies 3. Can you say re-begun? I suppose I can say what I like since it's my blog.

   Anyway, it's under way once more. Now that I've added a girl (a human girl this time) for Hoodies Three I can make her kick bottom with the best of them. Sad-case had better watch it; here's one chick who won't take any sass from him.

   Here's the working cover; just something to keep me focused.

   I'm really grateful to Donna Yates of:

for giving me such a good review of my my new novel Kongomato.
    she is such a good person who always has time for everybody else.


  1. Your covers are very good - they give your books a signature look that is very distinctive.

    Donna's review was fabulous - she is one of the best!

  2. Thank you. I'm ever practising.

  3. What a surprise! I'm embarrassed - thank you both. And talk about kind people - both of you are the best, I hope you know.
    I like the cover, and seriously, I can't wait to read the continuation of their adventures.