Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Olympics has begun

The Twilight zone was never like this.

   People have listened to the advice and stayed away from London. Yet despite a total absence of cars, all the roads are clogged because the local councils (combined IQ - 3.5) have misdirected, closed and completely buggered up all the road systems. 

   This is where I'd like to be right now. Unfortunately I can't because I painted it and it doesn't exist.

   Still, someone has asked me to paint a book cover. Me! Although I love writing I couldn't let this chance pass, especially as it comes so soon after I did another one for someone else.

   I've almost finished reformatting Three Hoodies Save The World for smashwords. The temptation to put it up earlier was almost overwhelming but somehow I waited. They're bigger than me. I'd rather make a few sales (if I can) without the added hassle of fighting a multi-billion pound company. I'm pretty certain that it will strain the creative flow.

   Perhaps if I close my eyes and cross my fingers, I'll open them again to find a completely normal London - whatever that is.


  1. Oh man I bet it's complete madness there! Well, enjoy the excitement. I'll be tuning in tonight for the opening ceremony.
    Great painting, btw! :)Wouldnt mind being there myself.

  2. Thanks, there'll be a pub in my next painting.
    Enjoy the ceremony. For myself, I'll be enjoying the closing ceremony. It means that normality will be returning.

  3. Fabulous painting - its has all the elements of nature I like the best and a wonderful serene atmosphere.

    I watched the opening ceremony on TV last night (I see there were a lot of empty seats due to the exorbitant £2000+ price)but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was wonderful the way the Queen played along with the James Bond scene and of course Rowan Atkinson was absolutely hilarious.

  4. It would be a lovely place to be year round. Well, the Olympics can't last forever - or can they? Good luck on Smashwords.