Saturday, 11 August 2012

It's nearly finished.

Tomorrow is the closing ceremony of the Olympic games. It's not all over - no, it couldn't be as simple as that but at least the main part's over and done with. Hooray!

   Yet even though the Paralympics doesn't begin for two weeks the Zill lanes are going to remain closed. And now I hear that some people, God rot em, want to keep them open for another week after it's all finally finished in three weeks. These people obviously don't have cars, or a life.

   Maybe if I keep typing it will all go away without my noticing.


  1. Another nice pic - like the form of the big tree - looks like its emerging from mist. I forgot there was a follow on event. Poor you!!

  2. I'm learning to live with it. Perhaps I'm the only one wandering around muttering, humbug, under my breath. According to my wife, I am.

  3. There are always those who don't want to see something end. I'd give odds you're not the only one muttering humbug, although probably everyone else is saying unprintable words. I like the picture. Very nice.