Friday, 31 August 2012

Replacement for Word?

I thought I'd finally found a replacement for Word today. It's called Kingsoft writer.
   Being absolutely free, the price is right. I could even have put up with the constant reminders that my spelling was wrong as it only has the US accepted spellings. Unfortunately it won't accept Word .docx even though the website ways it will.

   However, for all of you still using Word with .doc file extensions, have a look at it. It's very smart, clean, faster than Word and automatically saves files in the Word.doc format.

   I've found a way of making my characters spend two weeks doing little or nothing in Kongomato Two because of the plot hole. So far it's been fine but some action is called for. A little destruction, I think. Well a lot, actually.


  1. Destruction is always good.

  2. Thank you both - destruction it shall be. I never liked Big Ben, anyway. And as for the London eye...

  3. Sorry the program didn't work out. Word by microsoft is a cumbersome system that tries to force you to do it it's way. Yes, you are so good at destruction, so more please.

  4. Already begun and it was good. Well fun, anyway.