Thursday, 27 December 2012

I think I missed it.

I was just about ready for the big day, and suddenly it's over. One moment it's Christmas eve and the next time I looked up it's that boring part between Boxing Day and new year.

   For anyone not familiar with our strange english customs, on the day after Christmas, army officers used to serve meals to the enlisted men (I bet they just loved that), churches used to hand out presents to the needy, and the landed gentry used to serve meals to their servants - I bet they really hated that.

   For the rest of us it's a scramble to find any un-drunk booze without going out to the shops because we ate so much the day before we can barely move.

    On the the night before new year we all make resolutions we have absolutely no intention of keeping, but it make us feel good to think about it, then laugh at the people trying hard for almost four hours before sinking back into their (our) lazy sloath-like ways.

    Not to worry, there are only 363 shopping days left until Christmas.


  1. I did, thank you. Short and entirely too sweet. I'll be working off the fat for a fortnight.

  2. That looks like my sink ;) Luckily for me, my brothday fills in the gap between holidays, so I am good, LOL!

  3. Replies
    1. I had an idea it meant brother-day, and you'd found a method of getting him to do the washing up. I would have paid for that tip.

  4. I think it looks like everyone's sink during the holidays. It seems like there's no way to keep the dishes caught up. Someone should invent a sink where when you set the dish in, the sink immediately cleans it off and sends it down a chute the the dishwasher. Hey, I think I'll ask for one of those next Christmas.