Thursday, 20 December 2012

You can all relax

Not that anyone was really bothered.

   A recent discovery of a Mayan calendar in Guatemala has revealed that the end of this earthly period, in just about 43 minutes from now is not, as was assumed, the end of the world but just the completion of a cycle. In fact these 16,000 year cycles are prophesied to go on for infinity.

   A bit like the odometer of a car reaching 99999.9 going on to 1. Unless you buy a British car, or course. You could barely guarantee getting them off the forecourt before they fell apart.

   Bit of a relief, really. I was going to have real trouble chugging down 37 bottles of wine before midnight.

   Well I wasn't going to leave them for the buzzards. Talk about casting pearls before swine. That Chardonnay cost me a small fortune.  


  1. Roger, glad we are still here, too! I had no doubt. They have been predicting the end of the world every few years. No one knows except God when it will really happen. And good to know it is just some cycle. I have plenty I hope to accomplish before the end. Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year!

  2. I'm with you - why waste good Chardonnay? Alas, now we writers have no excuse not to write, write, write.

    1. Now my boss is in your neck of the woods, I'm going to type until I've finished, excess Chardonnay permitting.

  3. The world wasn't allowed to end because my debut novel hasn't come out yet. ;) I wouldn't allow armageddon to ruin what I've worked so hard for. LOL

  4. That's the spirit. Have a good holiday.

  5. The scary thing is, what will the next cycle bring? ;)

  6. Nothing we have to worry about. It's not for 16000 years.