Saturday, 19 January 2013

A litttle perceived knowledge.

I've never decided to sit down in the outside lane of a motorway (highway) but something tells me that it would probably end badly, for me at least.

   So today we found ourselves amid a surprise snowstorm in southern england. Surprise in that we've only known about it for the last three days.

   Thus I wonder what was going through the heads of two people driving ahead of me on the motorway access road earlier. Three inches of slush on the ground, a long, blind left hand hand bend, and just to make it interesting, a really bad camber, which to say a slope which points the wrong way and instead of keeping you on the road, throws you off.

  The first car had been cut almost in half and the second, just a few feet down the road, impaled on the lower branches of a very old Oak tree. There didn't seem to be any casualties, thank goodness but did they really think they were going to make it at the speed they were obviously driving? The only reason I ask is because we occasionally suffer moderate to bad weather over here. We always know it's coming and yet people seem to go out of their way to destroy their cars in the messiest way possible.

   I have to go to work on a motorbike. I suppose I could use public transport but as its four times more expensive and twice as long on a tube, my alternative is the only way. We'll have a little more snow tonight and probably a bit more tomorrow just to annoy us. I'd bet real money that the councils run out of grit just like they always do, since it's only the middle of winter and its not as if they had any real warning that bad weather might possibly rear its frigid head.


  1. Doesn't sound one bit fun to me. That happens here too. The weather turns ugly for driving and there's always some idiot driving worse than he/she would in good weather. I'm glad noone was hurt. Be safe.