Saturday, 9 March 2013

New car is legal.

Yes this really is a car. For scale, mentally position a biscuit box next to it and you have the relative size.

   All mandatory checks had been successfully completed; insurance in place, wing mirrors fitted, and most of the "absolute requirements" have been affected, to the point where it barely resembles that which rolled off the production line.

   However my daughter seems relatively pleased for a day or two and now she is loose somewhere out there.

   Fords are not the most expensive cars in the world and not designed to last more than about ten years. If it lasts ten months I'll be more than delighted. She's a bit miffed that I won't retrofit double glazing to prevent that pesky misting of the windows that even my works Mercedes still suffers due to the incredibly rotten weather we habitually endure on this damp little island.

   She's been out for about three hours and I'm considering hiding for when she comes back, righteously offended that a tiny company like Ford could not have had the foresight to include such basic items as *insert list of at least one hundred things* I just know I'll be reaching for my sledge hammer once more.


  1. I love it. I could have a lot of fun with that car. Can't do much shopping but it looks like fun zooming around traffic. She's probably giving all her friends rides.

  2. It's a nice car, and would be great were it not for a water leak which apparently most KA owners suffer and which Fords denies.

  3. LOL!! well, it's cute at least ;)

  4. Why couldn't it have a multi-changer? Because it would probably fill the boot(trunk). Changing cd's manually is just soooo tedious apparently.