Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I went to the chiropracter today.

I honestly don't know why I didn't cut out the middle-man and just tossed the money down the drain.

   I know we have a national Health system here, which, contrary to popular opinion is not free but has to be paid for by us, the taxpayers. But had I made an appointment to see the bone crusher on NHS time I would have waited three months to get this arm fixed, only for my appointments to be delayed another sixty years because of strikes, or snow, or some other wholly foreseeable but still unavoidable dilemma.

   I still isn't fixed and I'm £85 pounds worse off.

   Still, even though I can't write I only need one hand to paint. So this is my potentially new cover for Kongomato 2, Spawn Of  Kongomato.

   It's true, the monsters of book one were dealt with in a gruesomely appropriate manner (not to reveal too much of the plot.)

   So what is this?

  That's the problem I had. Since Kongomato was supposed to be a one-off, I had some difficulty in the plotting for number two. I hope this cover achieves the correct amount of mystery. 
   I think I should extend the hoarding and illuminate it a little more. It's a bit unbalanced at the moment.


  1. I like it!
    And sorry to hear about the unsuccessful chiropractor. Never been to one, but I hear once you go once you have to keep returning. Interesting about the NHS. Seems nobody can get healthcare right.

  2. It's my fault. I thought it was an Osteopath's surgery until I got under her hands. I've been hanging off door frames and looking like a complete dork and it still hasn't worked.
    The NHS works, eventually. I should hate to pay for everything.
    I've done a new one with the black fence, hoarding, all the way along. I think it's better.

  3. How did I miss this post? I really like the red eyes against the gray.

  4. I killed them off, supposedly, so I wanted just enough to show that things might not be as they seemed.