Monday, 20 May 2013

A little bit from my new book.

Here's an excerpt from Three Hoodies Save The World 3 which will soon be ready.

I'm not going to keep the cover; it was just something to focus my mind.

  ‘Mr Smithers will see you in a moment.’ The receptionist droned without lifting her eyes from her magazine. That was the final straw. David closed his eyes pretending that he was at home, or just about anywhere other than here. But only for a moment. Thinking that David was about to join in, Sad-case took a deep breath and closed his eyes ready to make the Guinness world title of mega far...only to be wrenched bodily with almost enough force to swallow his teeth.
  ‘We’re getting out of here.’ David hissed quietly, grabbing the nearby arm of Sarah who had stopped smiling upon seeing his face. ‘I’m not waiting around for them to come for us. If they want to rip all my teeth out or give me some kind of Mega injection up the jacksy then they can come looking. Coming?’ Sad-case and Sarah, now sane once more nodded. ‘Walk all casual-like over to the woman, then when I give the nod leg it through the door over there. Right?’ Sad-case nodded, trying not to think what might happen if the door were to be locked.
  ‘So, Adrian,’ David said in a too-casual voice that wouldn’t have fooled a retarded hamster, ‘I was telling the Headmaster,’ He minced over to the door giving Sad-case the nod, and discretely nudging Sarah before him ‘I said, look, if you’re going to give us homework then at least make it challenging. I mean, I read all about quantum physics on the back of a corn flake packet. I mean, let’s have...Sad. Go!’
  Sad-case flew to the door, grasping the handle with enough to force to make three of his joints crack. David followed an instant after Sarah who was using those incredible trainers to good effect again. Such was his momentum that his knee hit Sad-case right in the bum causing him to howl in agony and fall forwards onto the door before he'd even had the chance to try it.
  ‘Move it!’ He squealed, seeing their only chance slipping away, and giving Sad-case a dig in the stomach to make his point.
  Luckily the door was open, and very well oiled due to the way Sad-case flew backwards, his back hitting the wall with a grunt of expelled breath. In a second they were through, the startled cries of the receptionist lost as they were greeted by a corridor, a long very corridor with only one door and that was at the end, about half a mile away.
  David didn’t care. He sprinted past, Sad-case’s and Sarah’s footfalls barely a second behind him. Whatever lay behind that door was either going to kill them or save them. He didn’t consider any other scenario, which was probably a good job.


  1. Looking really good. So great to see these guys again.

  2. I've just begun Hoodies 4. Somebody stop me.