Sunday, 12 May 2013

Just done something I've never done before

What? I hear you ask. Finally paid your taxes? Got round to doing all the jobs your wife has been moaning about for years?


   I've finally written a sex scene. Or more precisely, I've written a scene which includes some sex. I've been avoiding for over twenty years and in eleven books I've never done it. 

   In my Hoodies series there isn't any. There's no place for it in a Y/A novel.

   In my Old Geezers novels, they're too old for anything but memories -  and accidentally destroying worlds.

   There isn't any sex in Kongomato but now I've broken my duck, as it were, I think there might be some in Kongomato 2.

   I'll admit it. I've been too embarrassed. Where is the line between part of the plot and gratuitous sex? So I've just avoided it.

   If or hopefully when people read The Book Of Pain they will see that at least once there has to be sex if only for my hero's sanity, or if not that because it's a necessary part of the plot. Hopefully my ever patient beta readers will give me their opinion and suggestions.

   I still didn't enjoy it and I doubt I ever will. My books will never contain much more than implied or inferred sex. Perhaps that's why I'll never be a best seller.

   Don't care. I can't write about something that makes me feel awkward. 

   The real thing - well that's fine. It's just the written kind.  I have no moral objection to it, but It just doesn't feel right, and I didn't enjoy it.


  1. Know what you mean.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Now my daughter has offered to be a beta reader and I'm even more afraid.

  3. I promise not to blush when I read it! :)

  4. It was all done in THE BEST POSSSSIBLE TASTE.
    Actually I've saved the book in another file name now because I think my original ending can't work so I'm going to finish it the new way and if it doesn't work I'll go back to Mark 1

  5. Well, I think it will just add to the story and I can't wait to read it. Tough to write, aren't they?

  6. Sure are. I hope people will like it; or at least understand. I've kept it very tame but it really was necessary for the plot.