Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm a nerd but I don't care.

In the UK we don't have nerds. We call them Anoraks; usually because they're to be found at the end of draughty railway platforms, jotting down the numbers of train locomotives, while munching on cress sandwiches, or inspecting the undercarriages of airliners as they fly overhead at the cold end of a civilian airport.

  I'm not that bad - but.

  Last night I was watching a US TV programme - no names; copyright and all that nonsense. When I noticed that it was an absolute clone of a plot on star Trek I saw over twenty five years ago. 

  I'm a nerd/anorak!

  What's even worse is that I don't care.

  Is that sad beyond belief?


  1. No way! Nerds/Anoraks are hip nowadays. Not like in the 80s when everyone made fun of them. I always gravitated toward the smart/nerdy guys over the arrogant jocks anyway and loved talking sci-fi/fantasy with them.

    Nerds/Anoraks unite! lol

  2. Or in my case Nerds/Anoraks untie

  3. Nope. I say, good catch. btw, I'd never eat a cress sandwich. Besides, even my son calls me a nerd. I bet most writers are.

  4. Don't ever eat a cress sandwich. If you do you'll remember, too late, that I warned you.