Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bored with writing; did a little painting

I'm having a day off writing, even though the urge to finish Book Of Pain hasn't diminished. But as usual the rush will see me missing things. So I finished off a painting instead.

   I think it's the best technical painting I've done. The only thing is - it's so boring. But as I know I'll never be really good, I'm satisfied with it and will leave it alone now. And since this is my world, Holland can have mountains. I'll bet the Dutch wish they had a few, so now they have.

   I'll get back to some more editing tomorrow. And just as always happens, I wasn't even thinking about it but today a new idea came to me concerning Kongomato 2. The first draft is finished but this added extra will make book number 3 that much more unsettling, at least for the characters. I'm quite pleased with the minor brainwave and I'll insert it next week when I've begun the edit. 

   Hopefully that is; I'm beginning a new job in ten days; one for which I've been waiting for nearly five years. I'd better do some work before the new boss finds me writing when I'm actually supposed to be working - some bosses are a bit funny that way.


  1. Well, I like it. Wish I had your talent.

  2. Thank you. It is my best I think, but also the most boring thing I've ever done.

  3. looks good to me :D If you had time you could get into the book cover racket - erm, business.