Monday, 29 July 2013

Wordy, pretentious crap.

Now that the first (of many) edit of The book Of Pain is finished, I thought I'd take a rest and begin the same process with Kongomato 2 (Spawn Of Kongomato).

  It all seemed to going so well at the time of writing but now, after just thirty pages I've come to the conclusion that it's utter rubbish. The plot's fine and I'm happy with the characters and their motives, but what awful drivel.

   However, not to be put off, or put down; dismayed, thwarted, frustrated or impeded, I'll start again.

   I'm still not sure about the cover, either. That might just be some giant, hung-over frog peering out from the Tower.


  1. I thought it read well. As for the cover, hard to know. I like the eyes peering out.

  2. Thank you. I think I'll make them a little more scary, though.

  3. Repeat after me - Kongomato 2 is going to be great, Kongomato 2 is going to be great, Kongomato 2 is….

  4. Kongomato 2 is going to be...what was it again?

  5. heh-heh. Hung over frog. I like that.