Sunday, 4 August 2013

I'm calm today - for a while.

I did some writing overnight after terror and delayed shock prevented me from sleeping. Then I did this, or at least finished it off, invoking thoughts of harmony and peace to calm my trembling heart.

   That's until the point where my spawn informed me that not only is she not looking after her own chick, but this gull was in fact about to eat someone else's. 

   I painted this and those ideas never occurred to me.

 Oh, and apparently the clouds are rubbish and the cliff's all wrong and didn't I have anything better to do - like washing her grungy car?

   I sometimes wonder if she's mine at all. Or in fact even human.


  1. So funny, and what I read through this is how much you adore her. As usual, I love the picture.

  2. I'm not sure that I love her so much today. She couldn't understand why I was less than willing to chat at 3am this morning and only the threat of evisceration finally made her go and text everyone in the whole world simultaneously in that strange language she and he cohorts use.