Friday, 13 September 2013

I got time to read a novel and I'm glad I did.

I don’t do a lot of book reviews but I’ve just finished Vortex The return of The Effra by Lindsey J Parsons. 

   From present day England to a land full of goblins, elves, trolls and myriad magical creatures, it sounds like a children’s book but isn’t. With good strong characters whom you either love or hate, the plot works very well and kept me riveted. The two main players are Sam, a modern English girl, and Damien, a winged and horned demon. Doesn't sound too promising a relationship yet it works very well.

   I would certainly like to read another and just as importantly, perhaps, a prequel to explain just how a certain character became, or was as mysterious as he is in the novel. Bring it on – I can’t wait.

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