Saturday, 19 October 2013

First words.

Here are the first two paragraphs from Three Hoodies 3.

   They're still a work in progress, as is the entire novel since I'm not happy. Or at least I'm less miserable than I was after the first two re-writes. As usual they'll probably change again.

" ‘David, your ear’s on fire.’

  Apart from the gentle, almost apologetic groan as the ancient school quietly rotted about them, an eerie silence now bombarded the classroom. Even the eternal rumbling of Derrick’s cavernous stomach was stilled; an event sufficiently noteworthy to attract shock and awe in the natural course of events - but not today. This unnatural stillness continued for several seconds as one by one, thirty two heads swivelled towards the scene of impending doom."

   I did some more painting and although I'm fairly happy with it there's something wrong with the perspective. I think I'll just leave it for a while and get back to The Book Of Pain. Almost half way through the third re-write.  My eternal hero is just going to 'deal' with a bunch of naughty spanish warrior monks.

   As it doesn't contain some androgynous boy band member, my daughter say's it's rubbish and where the androgynous boy? ...etc etc

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  1. Love the new painting. I cracked up with laughter at the first line of 'Three Hoodies.' Can't wait to read it.