Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I'm oh so old

It seems just minutes since I was changing toxic nappies or cleaning projectile vomit from the curtains.

   Yet just today I found myself arranging for my daughter's first voting form.

   'Well you know everything, so who should I vote for?' Despite the little brat's attitude, I was determined to give a fair appraisal of Engand's political climate.

    'Well Your mum and I have always voted for the ***** party. The *****party has no discernible policies and will never get into power, so why waste your vote? While the *****party bring the country to bankruptcy every time they get into power. And as for the *****party,' I continue to my bemused offsrpring, 'they're a bunch of sandal wearing whale huggers who'd ban all cars from England.'

    Notice the way I'm not pressurizing my poor car-mad daughter on on her first forray into the adult world
   'And unless you want to spend the rest of your time until you leave home sleeping in the garden, then it's the *****party.'

   'Alright then. I'll vote for who you like if we can have a new dog.'

   I've seen the mutt she wants. It looks like a mutated pomeranian crossed with a rat.

   But more to the point, was she really suggesting that I polute my political integrerity for the sake of a dog?

   Apparently the kennel is going to be blue.


  1. I agree about the *****party bring the country to bankruptcy every time they get into power. That’s assuming we are talking about the same ******party! I like your daughter’s outlook on life, there is nothing like a little bargaining, especially when a new dog is involved.

  2. I believe we are talking about the same party. Although her bargaining veers towards coercion. Can't think where she gets it.

  3. Tell your daughter to prepare for the coming crash that all the parties will be working toward. It seems that they are all the same to me. The MORON parties.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. I wish you were wrong but I fear the oppposite.

  5. You gotta admire her independent streak. Way to go, daughter of Roger.